About Us


DIY Flyers is a Seda Custom Design Company. After over 12 years in the graphic design industry, we have partnered with our preferred provider of high quality professional printing, to bring you DIY Flyers. Here you can get instant price quotes, quality printing at affordable prices, next day printing and nationwide delivery. Our prices beat many of the popular known online competitors on double-sided full color print products and orders above the minimum.

DON'T BE FOOLED BY "CHEAP" PROMOTIONAL OFFERS with too good to be true low prices you see elsewhere. You'll find that after they nickel & dime you, those $10 cards are closer to $40 or more. After charging for things like removing ads, uploading your own files (which we don't charge for), and forcing you to click through 20 screens of upsells, you finally see the true price. You'll find that the super low price you wanted comes with a super long turnaround time for printing and/or shipping, (like Vista Print's 5-8 day turnaround just for shipping).To get products shipped in 1-2 days is often at least $20 more. In the end, their bait and switch prices are actually way higher than advertised and add up to be more expensive than DIY Flyers.


NEXT DAY FILES MUST BE UPLOADED BY 9 AM AND APPROVED BY 10 AM in the time zone of the delivery address. 1-2 day orders must be uploaded by 10:30 am and approved by 1:00 pm in the time zone of the delivery address. Please note that its based on the delivery address time zone and not where you are, as most products are printed in the facility closest to the delivery address to assure the best turnaround and delivery time.

The Turnaround time begins after any proofs are approved not counting the order day. So for example if uploaded by 9am Monday and approved by 10 am, most major metro area deliveries would arrive on Wednesday. If you need to confirm the delivery date before placing your order, please call customer service at 1-888-486-7350


Our partner print facilities are in 3 locations across the US in Los Angeles, Kentucky and New Jersey, so with a few exceptions, your products are printed in the facility closest to you. This means you save on shipping costs and time. UPS is our preferred shipping provider and most low price UPS ground deliveries are within 1-2 days, This means NO NEED TO PAY FOR EXPENSIVE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING.


Simply upload a press ready PDF of your artwork, either that we've designed and provided for you or that you already have. Soon we will offer an online designer so you can quickly customize a template online and send it to print. The templates available for download here are not designs, but are size and setup guides for DIY designers or guidelines for another designer to use to create your artwork.Proofs are available for a small fee, checked by professionals to ensure your files are within guidelines. You can also see the size and specifications on the "file setup" tab of each product page.


In partnership with our print facilities, we have customer service representatives available every weekday, Monday through Friday from 6am - 4pm PST / 7 PM EST. They are available to assist you with orders, answer any questions about products, using the website, order status and more. By registering for an account you also will have real time order status tracking. The "estimated due date" on the progress bar of your order is the day it will ship out. You can also find the UPS tracking number within your account. You will also receive emails every step of the way confirming that the next step in your order has been completed.


Our site is designed to simplify your life. Here are some of the features this site offers:

  • Customer dashboard so you can view pending and completed orders.
  • Real-time job tracking from start to finish.
  • Print your own past and present invoices.
  • On-line proofing with low-resolution and high-resolution proofs. Plus, you can approve your jobs in real-time, 24/7.
  • Get UPS Tracking information.
  • With our Pricing Tools Calculator, you can get instant quotes on all your printing products, as well as shipping rates all over the United States.
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